2020-2021 LYA Basketball Information

As I'm sure you can imagine, LYA Basketball will not look anything like what it has in the past this year. COVID-19 restrictions for basketball are significant. That being said, we are trying to develop some type of basketball program to offer. We're at the point in this process where we need to know how many kids will be participating to take the next steps in the planning process.

Below are some specifics we do know will have to be in place to give you an idea of what this program may look like.
  • You need to complete the registration at the link below by this Friday, October 30th. Because we are so limited in terms of the number of players who can be in the gym at one time, late registration requests may not be accepted if cohorts are full.
  • At this time we are only looking to offer practices to boys and girls in grades 3-8.
  • Players will have to wear face coverings while participating.
  • There will not be any games or spectators. Players will be placed into cohorts of 10 or less and will have practices with their cohort only. There may be some scrimmages within practices, but there will be NO GAMES. Players will be dropped off and picked up outside of the gym. No one other than the participants will be allowed in the gym.
  • There will be a fee to be determined and it will be due before your child can begin practicing. This fee will most likely be greater than basketball has cost in the past, and will be used to pay for extra cleaning/disinfecting of the gym, sanitizing/cleaning supplies, etc. We are still working out exactly what the expense of all of this will be.
  • All players must either reside in Lee or attend Lee Elementary School, Lee Middle and High School, St. Mary's School, or Farmington River Elementary School.
  • All practices will be mandatory. This will not be a drop in open gym where players can take practices off if they don't feel like going. Coaches will plan practices based on the players who are signed up to be there. If a player has to miss a practice due to illness or some other emergency that's one thing, but unexcused absences will not be allowed. We need all players who sign up to make a commitment to attend all practices.
Unfortunately at this point we have more questions than answers including whether or not this can even happen at all. More details and information will be coming, and things may evolve and change as the season goes on. Unfortunately, this is what we need to do to have a chance to offer any sort of basketball program this year. Below is a link to a registration form. Please make sure to fill it out by this Friday, 10/30, if your child is interested in participating.