House League Starting Dates

Sunday, November 12th - Kick-off Clinics at Lee Middle and High School
  • Grade 3-5 Boys: 12-1pm
  • Grade 3-5 Girl: 1-2pm
  • Grade 6-8 Boys: 2-3pm
  • Grade 6-8 Girls: 3-4pm
Week of November 13th - You will be contacted by your coach and practices will begin that week.

Games will likely begin the week of November 27th. That will be confirmed and more details will be distributed at the clinics on the 12th.

The PreK, K 1st and 2nd grade season starts on Sunday, December 3rd, with clinics at the Crossways Gym following the schedule below.
  • PreK: 12-12:45
  • Kindergarten: 12:45-1:30
  • 1st Grade: 1:30-2:15
  • 2nd Grade: 2:15-3:00

LYA Basketball Information

Pre-K & K and Grade 1 & 2 House Leagues
PreK & K and Grade 1 & 2 leagues run for 1 hour each week on either Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Emphasis is on instruction and teaching the kids how to play the game, work together, and build confidence. The season will begin on Sunday, December 3rd, with skills clinics.

Grade 3-8 House Leagues
The house leagues for grade 3-8 are divided into the following 4 divisions.
  • Grade 6-8 Girls
  • Grade 3-5 Girls
  • Grade 6-8 Boys
  • Grade 3-5 Boys
House league teams play one game each week and practice once a week at another time to be determined. This is a competitive league setting with an emphasis placed on skill development, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Games will begin during the first week of December, and seasons will conclude just before February break (weather permitting). Coaches will contact players in November with practice information.

Travel Teams
The LYA sponsors travel teams in each of the following 6 divisions.
  • Grade 7-8 Girls
  • Grade 7-8 Boys
  • Grade 5-6 Girls
  • Grade 5-6 Boys
  • Grade 3-4 Girls
  • Grade 3-4 Boys
Travel teams require a far greater commitment than house league with 2 practices each week and games/tournaments on the weekends in addition to house league commitments. It is also a more competitive setting and there may be cuts for each team. Players must play in the house league to be eligible to play travel.

Help Wanted
Do you have an interest in coaching, being a referee, running the clock, or helping coordinate a division of the house league? If so, please let us know on your registration.

If you have any questions, please contact